Baby Doll

Baby Doll : a symphonic and migratory project

BEETHOVEN Symphony n° 7
YOM Musical interludes

BABY DOLL is a symphonic project commissioned by seven French orchestras to mark Beethoven’s anniversary year, 2020.

German symphonic music rubs shoulders with Yiddish klezmer while recent reports by women who have made the trek to Europe are set in juxtaposition to our understanding of Beethoven as a proponent of global humanism. An evening in which symphony concert meets klezmer session. A blend of dance, documentary theatre and video installation featuring live orchestra, klezmer composer Yom and other guests.

Co-production: Paris Chamber Orchestra, Cité Musicale - Metz / Auditorium, Orchestra national de Lyon, Opéra Orchestra national Montpellier Occitanie, Opéra de Rouen Normandie, Foundation Calouste- Gulbenkian de Lisboa, Philharmonie de Paris - Associate production: Orchestre de chambre de Paris

Premiere Deustche Oper Berlin, September 2020:

Upcoming dates: Phliharmonie de Paris, 10th November 2021:

March 2022: Lyon, Montpellier, Rouen, Lisbon

Orchestre de chambre de Paris

Marzena Diakun : direction

Yom : clarinette & composition

Marie-Ève Signeyrole : conception, script, staging, scenography and video

Yom Quartet : clarinette, piano, tenor violin, percussion

Johanna Faye : choreographic collaborator

Laurent La Rosa : video artistic collaborator

David Garniel : lighting

Annie Hanauer, Stencia Yambogaza, Tarek Aït Meddour : performers

Benoît Probst (art&Oh) : scenography assistance and technical direction

Simon Frezel : video manager

Claire Willemann : camera operator