Updraft is a site-responsive outdoor dance solo choreographed and performed by Annie Hanauer, with live & recorded music composed and performed by Deborah Lennie, inspired by the particular landscape, climate, and history in the valley of Greccio, Italy.

Updraft draws upon Annie’s personal perspective on her own body, after many years of interpreting other artists’ choreographic visions, the power of its non-normative presence, and her idiosyncratic movement vocabulary. Updraft looks at the body in relation to landscape, weather and the elements, and ideas of flying, falling, and letting go.

It is a work which investigates the body’s relation to the natural world, and champions the wisdom of the disabled body in approaching risk, sensitivity, and intimacy in the company of the audience. Updraft is about re-connecting to the idea that human beings are part of nature, not separate from it. It is about reading the weather outside the body as well as within it. It is about the freedom and risk of falling, and what allows us to fly. Updraft is an invitation to slow down, to listen, to feel, and fully be with our experience.

Creative Team

Choreography & performance: Annie Hanauer

Music composition & performance: Deborah Lennie

Choreographic Advisor & Tour Manager: Susanna Recchia

Costume design: Shanti Freed

Artistic mentor: Fearghus O’Concchuir

Photography & video: Camilla Greenwell


Commissioned by Greccio 2023 - Comitato Nazionale per l'ottavo centenario della prima rappresentazione del presepe / MiC Ministero della Cultura (Italy)

This project was created through the “La Fabrique Chaillot” residency scheme at Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse (Paris, France)

Coproduction - Festival Bolzano Danza / Fondazione Haydn (Italy)

Production support - Cie. For Want of a Better (Caen, France)

Past performances:

17th June 2023 - Greccio, Italy - Premiere

16th July 2023 - Caldaro, Italy - as part of Bolzano Danza festival

23rd October 2023 - Ara Coeli, Rome, Italy


Updraft Creation Photos : Camilla Greenwell, Performance Photos Greccio 2023: Domenico Maddaloni, Photos Bolzano: Andrea Macchia, Photos Aracoeli: Riccardo Musacchio/MUSA